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to convince his warlord

by Mahesh Waran

Final Rating: 5.65. Finished 31 out of 223 entries.

781 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mahesh Waran

Description: the brave heart soldier pleads a second chance :)

Experience: 2 years

Time taken: 8 days


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Jaimee Cowart:

Pretty good i respect the robots i did that too :) looks nice

David Alin:

the rig lacks mouth control but what you did with everything else is really cool!

Michael Kristiansen:

I like it. Great poses and gestures done with really simpel characters.

Juan Carlos Vigil:

I know it could be the rigs themselves but it would imporve a lot if they had more mouthshapes, other than that I like the posesand timing, well done.

William Barry Eggington:

Love the style! And the animation is tight. Well done.

Jagdeep Kumar Sharma:

realy great animation!!! loved it (Y)

Jo Anne Tan:

Very nice body animation! Unfortunate that the rig doesn't allow for better facial animation, the lipsync is lacking and the eyebrows could use more shape variety. I love what you've done with such simple characters though