Final Rating: 4.83. Finished 56 out of 223 entries.

451 views including the voting period.


Animator: Choi Nam-gyu

Description: A young man was talking to his old man for getting his advice. But he was teasing him.

Experience: 3+ years

Time taken: 1 week


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Brad Bradbury:

The finger poses at the ends are too flat...

Martin Strom:

Great face animations! For some reason, the younger guy reminds me of James Dean.

Nicolás Burmester:

This is actually very good, doing an overshoot when the character on the left hits the bars could have helped to sell the action; without it, or without any reaction after all that energy used for that movement, the action looks fake.

David Barrow:

Really like the first guy. The second one just doesn't change his facial expression enough for me. Or maybe if he'd turned away completely when he first says "you will be." I don't know. Just something a little more.

William Barry Eggington:

Very smooth and refined but almost too smooth. Like. . . the channels were all filtered too much or something. Very few little 2ndary motions to keep it life like. Very good work though.

Frankie Wright:

Some good lipsync, perhaps add more of a facial expression change in the second character

Jo Anne Tan:

This isn't bad, but it feels rather anticlimactic and not much development. There isn't much expression changes in the young man so I don't feel the tension from the old man's warning.

Jay Vacík:

love the expressions but i don't quite understand the story and at the end the bars seem to come closer