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Teddy has something to say

by Dyveke Sk�ld

Final Rating: 5.26. Finished 41 out of 223 entries.

580 views including the voting period.


Animator: Dyveke Sk�ld

Description: Rough little entry I made last weekend.
I didn't get time to finish it, but I wanted to upload it anyway.

Hope you enjoy!

Experience: third year student

Time taken: Weekend + couple of evenings


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Jaimee Cowart:

lip-syncing needs improvement but really good very cute

Win Chow:

so cute~ haha

Remi Thewissen:

I love the fact that the teddybear climbs on his face. I'd do a closer shot though because the character is very small on screen, makes it hard to see what is going on. Good work though, nice smooth turns of the head and fluid movement for the teddy

William Barry Eggington:

Good stuff. Camera seems too far away for me to really pick out the detail but it looks pretty good.

Lady Musician:

This is adorable!

Jo Anne Tan:

The animation is good, especially when the doll climbs up the kid's arm. You could've framed it close so that there wasn't so much unused space around the characters though.