Final Rating: 3.61. Finished 118 out of 223 entries.

394 views including the voting period.


Animator: Bridget McCleary

Description: A young man takes his driving test with the courage to pass it with ease.

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Good idea and animation, try working a little more on the lipsynch and push a bit more the facials.

Antar Irvin:

One of the most creative ones I have looked at. Keep improving the the jerk area of this animation(130-160) and make it more impactful. Make the driver's right arm into better poses from 128-239 (it seems like you weren't sure what to do with it here). Man, this is a good concept. I wish I came up with it. You should continue working on this one.

Richard Chhoa:

It's a nice idea. Animation quite floaty. You could have some speed variation and some pause to avoid the floaty feeling. Could use more expressive facial animation.
The teacher is quite stiff. His torso is completely still while his arms and head are moving.

Good effort.

Juan Carlos Vigil:

Good idea, you just needed more polish in your animation

Larry Bryant:

I'd definitely get rid of the background image. Its FAR to distracting from the animation.
Replace the camera movement with a cut.
Do a playblast or render to get rid of the axis indicator in the bottom left.

The student's animation is pretty good so far. The move from the beginning to fram 24 is unneeded. He grabs the wheel and then lets go almost 1 second later. I'd start off with him holding the wheel and focus on the acting.

Add A LOT more emotion to the driving instructor He seems really tired and uninterested. If that's the mood you're going for add to it. Add a sigh or a head shake or something small like. Remember the principles of animation and practice them more.

David Barrow:

Motions are robotic. Would have added a lot if the instructor could have done a little more on his second statement.

Amanda Seda:

This made me laugh! But I think the driving instructor's movements are a little robotic.

William Barry Eggington:

pen clicks on the sounds. . . tight. Not a bad idea either. Good job.