Final Rating: 6.87. Finished 7 out of 223 entries.

10,071 views including the voting period.


Animator: WangZhihui

Description: guile

Experience: 7years

Time taken: 10days


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Maybe animation is awesome, but i did not see anything

Shehroz Sheikh:

nice idea

Dominic Rayner:

Some good body animation, but it is slightly off acted, and the lip synch is out. The gag doesn't really hold up with the reveal, but nevertheless, a decent effort with a line of audio that is difficult to create a new story from.


the animation looks great but its far too dark

Isaac Bautista:

The man needs some moving holds after his dialogue. He should also react to what the other character is doing.

Samantha Schnauder:

nice lights.

Sabrina Winkel:

This one has so much emotion and energy and i think that is super cool! Nice work!

William Barry Eggington:


Lady Musician:

Man, really loving the fluidity of the movements! (Lighting was great as well)

Amy Hook:

A little on the dark side, but still good :)

John Fielding:

the guy's performance is wayyy to big for the audio read. There's leeway to amp it up a bit, but your animation would require the VO to be shouting. Otherwise the movement of the animation is decent.

Jagdeep Kumar Sharma:

awsmmmm !!!!

Amartya Mukherji:

animation cant be seen properly. A simple playblast would have been better ...

Samidha Kumar:

this is the second time i m seeing the same cameras and concept and lighting trick.This is good too but the other one stole my heart.

Jo Anne Tan:

Very solid animation, but the guy looks completely still in the second shot. If there is animation on him, it's much too subtle to see when he's so small in screen. Otherwise, great job!