Final Rating: 5.86. Finished 27 out of 223 entries.

702 views including the voting period.


Animator: Austin Durose

Description: Would you be afraid?

"Congratulations! You're going to be a father!"

Experience: Work in a small animation Studio

Time taken: 3 days


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Jed B.:

A little too rubberhosey on the arms... good but not sure it works.

Friska Bako:

Aww morning sickness...poor mum. Nice way of altering a woman's voice. :)

Michael Kristiansen:

Nicely clean animated. I'm not a fan of the big swirly handgestures from the toilet person, a little too cartoony for my taste. But well done.

Juan Carlos Vigil:

Shes got one deep voice huh? I love this one, good lip sync, good idea, a little overlap would help in malcolm when she's pointing at him saying "you will be"

Mike Schanbacher:

The funny thing about this is that it almost works with the voice. I laughed.

Victoria Barranco:

Cute concept and nice lip sync! Wish the wife would lift her head out of the toilet.

David Barrow:

Very creative idea! Took me a little bit to figure out that was a woman though. if she'd raised her head a little more when she spoke to him it might have read a little better.

Sabrina Winkel:

I like the closeup on the guy"s face at the beggining

Kantrell B:

I wish i would of seen more of mery's head out of the toilet. the hand motion is great but i don't think the second loop around is necessary, if her head was up looking at him it would def. feel a lot stronger, but still a really good job on that hand!

William Barry Eggington:

Her hand motion is fantastic. I wish the rest of the animation was as good. Not bad though.

Shark Bait:

haha nice

Jay Vacík:

dint quite understand what was going on at 214 he held his face smushed a bit too long, but well animated!

Eddie Higgenbottom:

Whoa this is funny!

Jo Anne Tan:

Pretty good, but you should pose Mery so that at least some of her hair can be seen over her shoulder. It now looks like she's headless, a little frightening