Final Rating: 3.44. Finished 132 out of 223 entries.

421 views including the voting period.


Animator: Carlos Astudillo

Description: A not so strong character is trap in a cell where he has to face his worst enemy.

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Jed B.:


David Barrow:

Really nice poses and camera angles. Only thing I would have added would have been to have a more prominent finger ripple around frame 333 when they are the focus of the shot.

Sabrina Winkel:

I love how they're both in jail and the little guy just got there and is telling the other that he isn't afraid but the big guy has been in longer and is saying that jail is scary. I love all of it! I also like how at the end the big guy is free

William Barry Eggington:

Very stiff and rudimentary lip sync.

Jaimee Cowart:

Good job I really liked it Mark was a little harsh in class keep it up!

Lady Musician:

Love the perspective shifts!

Brad Bradbury:

You have some interesting camera angles that work nicely.
You also have this camera move that doesn't make a lott of sense. It wobbles around between the 'you will be' and the 'you will be'. 330 - 425.
I would have used the same camera as 260, or another still shot during this area.

Carolyn Mennecke:

The camera angles are awkward and the characters don't move much