Final Rating: 3.89. Finished 100 out of 223 entries.

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Animator: Harold Riverol Echemendia

Description: This animation is about the feelings inside the head of a boy before a date proposition. Made with Blender

Experience: 4 years

Time taken: 1 week part time


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Larry Bryant:

I'm not entirely sure what the guy in the blue shirt is doing during "I won't fail you" Remember that it's easy to overact. Sometimes less is more.
I really like the poses between frames 155 and 185.
Work on timing. Remember slow in's and slow outs along with holding a pose for a bit of time.
I really like the small little hair adjustment the girl does around frame 170. Those small things add so much and bring her to life.

David Barrow:

Nice idea. Might of worked better if the first guy's motion had come a few frames later. The second guy's actions were good, but just didn't seem to fit the soundtrack to me.

William Barry Eggington:

Little over doing it on the "acting" but. . . I can see where you are going and it was a good idea.

Jo Anne Tan:

This feels rather overacted and over the top. Technique-wise it's not too bad but needs more depth and thought in acting choices