Final Rating: 5.00. Finished 49 out of 223 entries.

528 views including the voting period.


Animator: Mohamad Rezaei

Description: Pirate going to throw into the sea is blue. And the urge to tell him that you're Weald.

Experience: 3 year

Time taken: 6day


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Juan Carlos Vigil:

The shot with the shark is too short and it distracts you from the main story.

William Barry Eggington:

I love when that little character is animated well. good job with him. The rest seemed less. . . put together.

billy laster:




Claudio Gaitán:

The shot of the shark, made your animation less appealing. The shark should be seen at the end of the first "you will be". That way it can be scarier for the blob to jump.

Audrey Ritsema:

The animation is really nice and smooth, but there's a lot of excessive movement in the middle and it's hard to tell that the pirate is the 2nd voice until the last scene.