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Going for a Number

by Snej

Final Rating: 4.27. Finished 77 out of 223 entries.

463 views including the voting period.


Animator: Snej

Description: Man is sat with his crazy uncle having a martini and is going to get a girls number who he sees at the bar.

Experience: 1 Year

Time taken: 3 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Michael Kristiansen:

Cool idea, works well with the shots, but needs polish. The guys head motion when he says "afraid" seems unnatural and the other guys mouth looks like it snaps out of socket.
Shame on aspect ratio of the clip as well.

Isaac Bautista:

The head of the first guy drops too much when doing accents for the dialogue. The actions the characters are performing are not fast enough to require so much squash and stretch on their heads.

Larry Bryant:

Fix the dimensions.

Phill Clough:

neck doesn't look right

William Barry Eggington:

Did this one get stretched? Seems well done but it was a little hard to tell.

Lady Musician:

I love the twist! Nice mouth animation.

David Barrow:

Great lighting. Good acting. Why is the soundtrack so off?