Final Rating: 2.98. Finished 174 out of 223 entries.

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Animator: Jose Luis Martinez

Description: It's about a father who tells his wife that he won't fail her and he's not afraid. The wife tells him that he'll be, and the baby as well.

Experience: I just star lerning this semester

Time taken: 2 days


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William Barry Eggington:

Stiff and poppy.

Amy Hook:

Watch out for arcs, as people never move in straight lines. So add arcs to the heads as they turn, and push his arm gesture. Make it a more sweeping motion. I do love the story here though :D And that zoom on his expression at the end. Marvellous!

Jo Anne Tan:

Interesting premise, but you're lacking a lot of the fundamentals. Everything moves linearly and is stiff, and each limb moves one after the other. Keep studying the fundamentals and practice