Final Rating: 2.32. Finished 215 out of 223 entries.

454 views including the voting period.


Animator: Patricio Saenz

Description: Not limited to animation projects

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Victoria Barranco:

Animation needs a lot of work, but I did like the gag at the end! Work on more full body movement rather than just animating the parts of the body that are "essential" to the motion. (like moving the shoulders/torso/arms when the focus is on the lip sync) and motion/acting even when the characters aren't speaking.

David Barrow:

Put a little more movement in there when they're not speaking and some anticipation, ease in, etc. to take away from the computery look.

William Barry Eggington:

Wowa. Poppy/stiff.

Michael Kristiansen:

Needs a lot of polish. I would focus on some strong poses and secondary animation to improve it.