Final Rating: 3.94. Finished 96 out of 223 entries.

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Animator: Anthony Nguyen

Description: There's a lot of drama going on behind changing a doody diaper.

Experience: 3-4 Years of 2D, 1 Year of 3D

Time taken: A little over 20 hours


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GokulNath Gajapathy:


Sabrina Winkel:

I saw one similar to this one. It's really creepy. But this one has more detail than the other creepy baby one

William Barry Eggington:

Creepy baby!

Gabriel Hencz:

That's creepy >:D

Brad Bradbury:

This is great...
Nice work.
Here are some thoughts on improving it more..

I think the baby is too smiley at the end.
from 353 I would tone down the smile till the very end, from 368 - the end.

There is a pupil wiggle from 384 - 394 that doesn't seem intentional.

The finger and hand pose (and diaper shape) seems rigid at 56 - 99.

The baby's fingers go perfectly straight at 274,
which seems unnatural.

During the first 30 frames,
I would add 'toe wiggle' for overlap.

You'll want to work in 'nose up and down'
during the dialog to loosen up the face.

I don't think the effect of extreme pupil scaling works for the section of 130 - 143. Pick a smaller size and maybe a slight transition during this time.

A tabletop color/texture would help shot two.
It looks like the baby is on the ground.
Maybe put a stack of other diapers
and a box of wipes on the table in shot2,
in the upper left in front of the green shelving.

You could also extrude the characters geometry to fatten up the diaper he is wearing.

Great job!