Final Rating: 5.30. Finished 38 out of 223 entries.

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Animator: Jim Sweeting

Description: Moom shenanigans!
I did this for an assignment set by my lecturer
great fun:)

Experience: 3rd year student (started animating in my 2nd year)

Time taken: 2 weeks


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Friska Bako:

So squishy :) but might need to lock the knees of the pink guy.

Isaac Bautista:

I believe the movement the green one does to get close to the purple one should be faster, other than that great job!

Amanda Seda:

Very nice! However I will say I think there might be too much movement and it takes away from the actual lipsync.

William Barry Eggington:

Some great fluid motions but the timing seems off. Could have done with a few more layers of refinement.

Lady Musician:

Movements feel a little extra gooey, rather than smooth.


Serious overacting in this shot. Consider the performance, it's very measured, very quiet. This is everything but. Some of the movements are nice, but there is just too much going on.