Final Rating: 3.21. Finished 155 out of 223 entries.

409 views including the voting period.


Animator: Phill Clough

Description: The New employee is tasked with cleaning the toilets. However his boss has some doubts.

(This is my first attempt at the competition)

Experience: 1 Year (Student)

Time taken: 14 days


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Nicolás Burmester:

Amazing concept! For future animations try to breakdown your poses a little more. Because now you can clearly see when your keyframes are and what is being intepolated by the software. Keep it up!

David Barrow:

Pretty good acting and a good idea. It may just be the camera angle, but the green guys pose looks like he would fall over. Also, I had to go back and look to see that he hadn't gone through the mop handle when he reached for it. Maybe a little more arc to the motion would have made it clearer.

William Barry Eggington:

Stiff. Center of gravity problems.

Jo Anne Tan:

Funny idea! But the fundamentals are lacking and everything is too stiff. Keep practising!