Final Rating: 6.27. Finished 20 out of 223 entries.

984 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nicolas Deruy

Description: An orange and an orange juice discussion about what they are afraid of

Experience: 3 years

Time taken: 3 weeks beside my job


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Adam Momsen:

Funny! Love the premise! Maybe watch some of the mouth shapes matching the soundtrack, but I enjoyed this one.

Samantha Schnauder:

Cute concept. All I can think of is annoying orange...juice :P

GokulNath Gajapathy:

very nice concept and animation . i love your colors .

Mike Schanbacher:

Haha...great concept...nice simple drawings's appealing. Nice work.

David Barrow:

Like the way the tall glass drops his eyes as he speaks. Good look too.

Kantrell B:

haha...really funny!

William Barry Eggington:

HA! Great idea. And well done. Good work.

Lady Musician:

The drawing style is adorable. The animations could be smoother, rather than abrupt!

Sandeep Kumar Kispotta:

nice work , expressions are quite amazing and the idea is also good....

Samidha Kumar:

nice idea :)


Cool l'anim et l'idée... Tiens moi au jus quand tu fais une nouvelle anim... je suis pressé de la voir

Tianyu Chen:

nice idea, like it

J.K. Riki:

Fun concept! I love the final shot there, really dramatic. Nice work.

Ruth Agada:

Nice concept!

Jo Anne Tan:

To be able to make a talking sphere and cylinder have so much personality takes real skill. Well done!