Final Rating: 3.35. Finished 165 out of 238 entries.

426 views including the voting period.


Animator: Sophie Rippington

Description: Petrol is poured over the grass ready to smash the lantern and set the field a blaze a rat tells his once good friend - What im going to do is a bad decision because im acting off bad emotions but I don't care and im going to do it anyway....

Experience: 1 year of Uni (ongoing) 3 years on and off hobby

Time taken: 3 weeks on and off


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Reginald Crumpler:

Lip syncing needs work, but very creative situation.

Katie Wyman:

the animation you have is very nice and smooth. I really think your animations would benefit from more anatomy studies, and knowing your characters in a 3D space. You have a clear style but I think your style would benefit from anatomy exercises a lot more too.