Final Rating: 4.06. Finished 121 out of 238 entries.

405 views including the voting period.


Animator: Alex Watkins

Description: A little practice in human character animation and interaction with an object :)

Experience: Graduate of animation and VFX currently seeking employment

Time taken: 15 hours approximately


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Ben LaScala:

The camera is way to far back to just have a black screen. would have been stronger if it was up close.

Reginald Crumpler:


A basketball court background would have clinched an all stars though.

Daniel Abercrombie:

Should have made him closer to the camera. There is no need for him to be that far. And it only means it is harder to see what you've done. Not only that but I don't think you should have made him spin the ball in front of his face. Or maybe just had the camera off to the right a little bit, but still look at the character. That way you would have had a clean silhouette throughout. Pretty good though otherwise.

Yurika Nishi-Imai:

(I wish I could spin that basketball on the tip of my fingers...)
Totally like how you make the character do something else as he's saying the words of wisdom. Good Job!