Final Rating: 2.54. Finished 211 out of 238 entries.

436 views including the voting period.


Animator: Matt Smith

Description: Max confronts his demon.

Experience: 0

Time taken: 8 hours


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Owen Fern:

Would have been nice to see his face

Tobias Fuhr:

i can't see his face and the poses are strange.

Héctor Lozano:

There's no story or apparent background and the "monster" or "dinosaur" should at least be moving a little after the stomp.

Richard Carrillo:

Nice trick to avoid Lipsync heheh, anyways this is not ready for a competition, no hand movement, no dragon movement, too much arm movement and nonsense in some parts. Also the scene is strange, how can he talk to a dragon just like that? where are they? what is happening?. You didn't even make a render. But it's good that you made the effort, keep going and practive, have fun!

Alex Mlqd:

This is an acting and lipsync exercice...try to show the face and expressions, feelings of your characters next time.

Katie Wyman:

Body movements seemed more theatrical then natural. I didn't feel as though the character was scared, despite the plot, but the concept of the situation did make me laugh. In future, treat your character like a person (what would he/she do? What is he/she thinking?) and body language will naturally come with getting in your character's mindset.

Filipe Pedrosa:

I like the idea, but the camera angle seriously kills it. I can't see his face and expressions, and the body language alone doesn't pull it off for me.


You should really show the face.


I think Norman could have jumped when the big foot hits the ground