Final Rating: 5.98. Finished 34 out of 238 entries.

623 views including the voting period.


Animator: Corentin

Description: A man try to find right words about his younger friend's situation.

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: some hours all along the month


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Moy Parra:

The performance is there, overall it just has to be pushed in almost every aspect and you would have a solid piece

Nicholas Price:

needs more work on lipsync

Juliana de Lucca:

I love how it started, but i wish i could see more variation to its movements.

Paula Decanini:

There's too many poses here for me to understand what this character is feeling. I'm guessing he is very sad, but it needs to be pushed more so it reads more clearly. Breath at beginning too fast. Timing is pretty good though.

Katie Wyman:

The lighting is very nice. The lip-sync works well, and by no means overdone. Your character has good key poses, but I can see your character moves to the beat of the words a lot. There doesn't need to be a movement to every beat. That said, your character is overall very nicely animated.

David D:

The lighting is and the body movement is wonderful. I would like to see some more synchronicity between the audio and the mouth. Other than that, awesome job!


I personally think the guy blinks quite too often. x9 times in this scene.

Richard Carrillo:

I really like your subtle movements of hands and eybrows.
Also, that left hand drag at 178 was Genious!
11 stars from me, it's hard to find such a piece in these entries where the character doesn't fly all around the camera at every single dialogue accent or he is holding a cigarrete or alike.
Very good job!

Reginald Crumpler:

Damn nice! : D