Final Rating: 5.01. Finished 70 out of 238 entries.

486 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ahmed Nashabe

Description: A saloon bartender is held at gunpoint and tries to share some important advice with the bandit so that he may spare his life.

Experience: 3 years on and off

Time taken: about 8 hours, in 2 days.


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Eddie Mendez:

i like the movements from the guy, but im not sure if the audio got off sync somehow or if the animation just doesnt line up well with the audio


Wording is a bit off from lips,

Ben LaScala:

This is a great performance but the lips are not matching up with the dialog. I think they are coming in too late. In other words the lips are too slow for the dialog. It really strong though, good job!

ibet francisco:

I like this! You dont need to pose every word.

Alex Mlqd:

KISS > keep it simple and stupid
I think you have too much the way, great render !

Katie Wyman:

I like the setting a lot, but the movements of your speaking character didn't flow very naturally. His movements and lip-sinc seemed to lag behind the audio a bit, and maybe he didn't need so many movements.


Lip sync is off

Emily Spearman:

The mouth is pretty over-animated, especially at "decisions"

Matt Hill:

near perfect! great lighting, models and set up!

Richard Carrillo:

I really feel this setting does not fit the dialogue (seen it quite a lot, the gun pointing the speaker) unless the one being aimed at is not scared in the first place. I don't think it's natural to go from scared to such a calm and reasoning attitude in this situation. Maybe if the speaker were not scared in the first place it would work.
Anyways good job :)

Michal Shukrun:

the idea is good but the timing is not so....

Reginald Crumpler:

Pretty good! : D

Eleftherios Kokkinakis:

I love it!! Great thing you animated the hand with the gun as well. You are my favourite this month! Good luck!!

Jyrki Kanto:

This would be really good if the sound wasn't so terribly off in the end. :/ Was it maybe because of some hassle with frame rates?

Brad Bradbury:

check your arm arcs!!
Seventh animation principle - arcs.