Final Rating: 5.02. Finished 69 out of 238 entries.

543 views including the voting period.


Animator: Stephane Sourdeval

Description: A man give an advice!

Experience: 1 year as student

Time taken: around 2 weeks


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Ben LaScala:

Really strong! I love this! So entertaining. Good job!

Paula Decanini:

Too many gestures, consider removing a few. Also add more variety in poses. The hands coming together happens to frequently and not always on the right beats.

Diane Aarts:

nice fluid gestures


Like the amount of connection the character is making with the off screen one. Maybe a tad too much hand motion but well done.


a lot of repetitive poses

tatiana tchoumakova:

Great first part, second part less good

Amartya Mukherji:

hands are moving a bit too much may be..

very nice animation though

Edy Zet:

Nice aniation. It would be more powerful if you explore non repetitive actions and make some accent in pauses


maybe some overlapping needed