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a little too late...

by Moy Parra

Final Rating: 7.98. Finished 2 out of 238 entries.

139,657 views including the voting period.


Animator: Moy Parra

Description: Turtles are slow at life, but quick to give life advice

Experience: 2 and a half years

Time taken: Nights and during lunch breaks at work


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Leonardo Pereira:

Really fun!!!

Mariana Avila:

Love how fluid it is!

Davit Martirosyan:

Nice)! Top 11

Bruno Braghetto:


Paula Decanini:

I didn't understand the context of this scene, but the animation wasn't bad. Hit the lip sync better on the harder consonants to emphasize them.

Diane Aarts:

damn that's cute. good job.

Moy Parra:

*Fingers crossed :D

philipp seis:

good one :). I like your Motion around 204

Katie Wyman:

Very nice render. I like the character animation a lot, and your characters have a good sense of life to them. I just feel like the lip since wasn't as strong as other aspects of your animation.


After 200 entries, this is the best one Ive seen. You're a winner.

muhammad rauf:


Amartya Mukherji:

too good .. very nice story and cool acting choices.
The camera cut in the turning action, is the best action cut I have seen this month.

The suspense you created that, - who the turtle is talking to, is also very nice.

Top quality 3D entry


that was great

Richard Carrillo:

Reaaallyyy niceee.
Very suitable situation and executing of the idea. And the camera cut was just perfect.
Good job! 11 stars


The turtle is great! awesome job!


very nice ...i need to show it to my friend who is crazy about turtles

Vijay Rihal:

Loves the overall animation and the skid is awesome..the only thing i didnt like is the same movement of hands at every accent.. otherwise nice shot