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Decisions under Pressure

by Lindsay Hernden

Final Rating: 3.16. Finished 182 out of 238 entries.

414 views including the voting period.


Animator: Lindsay Hernden

Description: Important decisions made with a railgun.

Goon model and rig by Sean Burgoon.
Animations and badly made hallway and gun by me.
Done mostly as an assignment in class.

Experience: Less than a year.

Time taken: 6ish hours.


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Filipe Pedrosa:

I love your lighting, very dramatic. I would move his torso a bit more though, it feels very stiff, aside from the sigh in the beginning.

Edy Zet:

wtf dude, what kind of drugs make this happen?


Is that a rifle in his hands?

Michael Ayers Jr:

I don't understand this piece.