Final Rating: 6.26. Finished 22 out of 238 entries.

933 views including the voting period.


Animator: Rajesh Nath

Description: Thanks to Tom & melcome rig.

Experience: 5 Years.

Time taken: 9 Days


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Mariana Avila:

Lipsynch is kinda off at times, most notably when he says "of course you know this", but otherwise great job

Ben LaScala:

great context, The lip sync is a bit off might though, but when it lines up it looks great!!!

Paula Decanini:

Too many gestures to read any one clearly. Keep it simple and slow it down.

Richard Carrillo:

That last hand movement... it's reaaaallly cliche. And I don't think anyone would play football with glasses (excuse me if they're not players). Other than that, really nice entry and setting! world cup hehe :)

Cory Parks:

I remember that game too. I wish I had this advice back then!


The lip sync feels a bit off towards 'course you know this because you're a smart guy' but overall the animation is great.

Divyam Chand:

nice acting but the character is moving around too much....


nice animation and staging. It's just a little sad to think about the recent Brazil football.