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Much needed advice...

by James White

Final Rating: 4.79. Finished 83 out of 238 entries.

457 views including the voting period.


Animator: James White

Description: Some much needed advice is given to the man ready to blow himself and a derelict building sky high.

Made in Maya 2015 - my bad on the low res and glitchy lighting, didn't have time to render and export it out again after initial hiccups.

Experience: I'm a second year student studying animation and vfx- first proper foray into 3D character animation

Time taken: 2 weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Filipe Pedrosa:

I like the composition and the subtlety of the guy on the left nice work there., Lipsynch needs more work. I would focus on improving that. Good luck!

Cory Parks:

He's pretty confident that his friend won't push the trigger. It's almost a little weird that our gent on the right isn't freaking out a bit. Nice animation regardless :)


MEN in GREY tights. I like them

Katie Wyman:

Nice subtle movement on the guy with the TNT. His body got a bit static in the middle, but it by all means works. As for your speaking character I really like his movement. It's not overdone, but his emotions are clear. You just need practice with lip-sync