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Animator: Matthew O'Reilly

Description: University Animator, this is my first time doing lip sync in Maya

Experience: 1 year and 6 months

Time taken: about 6 hours


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Austin Hambrick:

ok let see here for one the way he stares is really creepy his eyes never move or blink giving the impression that hes not a real being more of some body snatcher about to attack giving his final monologue. in general add ALOT more movement move the head, the body, the brows, anything. also for this kind of shot we get that hes talking across the table to someone but all we see is some deformed head and some fingers it would have been better putting in more time into the focus characters animation then worrying about the camera. now the lip sync.... what sync? i want to believe that they line up or at least try and make the impression that they are saying what the audio is putting out but I'm not seeing it. on the plus side i like that you added in a prop cigarette that puts out smoke and a light source.

Emily Spearman:

The camera movement is unnecessary. Try to animate the whole body, not just the mouth and arms.

Richard Carrillo:

That camera view change is very confusing. You changed completely the position of your main characters (the one in the right changed to be the one in the left). Also you are only moving your hands and your mouth, which makes it look like a robot. It's unclear who he is talking with too.
Anyways nice try, keep going and keep in mind what I said for your next shots, try reading about staging.
Have fun!

Filipe Pedrosa:

The wandering camera is a bit distracting, and his spine is very stiff. His hands and arms move, but the shoulders and torso stay perfectly still, it looks unnatural. The hand gesture in the beginning looks nice enough.


a good try. needs a lot of work, though. camera movement was distracting and the animation was stiff.

Reginald Crumpler:

Smoke effect was nice, but you need to work on facial expressions.

Brad Bradbury:

hold the camera still
or make controlled movements for a purpose.

Jyrki Kanto:

Crossing the line of action with camera is quite distracting. It would be good to stay either on the right or left side.


Work on your staging and camera. Unclear who is sitting on what side of the room.