Final Rating: 6.03. Finished 29 out of 238 entries.

956 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ralph Meijer

Description: upset kid doesn't know how to spend his quarter.

Experience: 4 years as generalist

Time taken: A month after work hours


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Ben LaScala:

This made me smile! Great work, really believable actions and poses. Very good stuff!

Paula Decanini:

Not bad, but is a little too soft and floaty. Add more speed-ups and slow-downs.

Richard Carrillo:

Why does he smile at the end? it's not clear, also the kid doesn't move at all while the old man speaks. Anyways GJ!

low treb:

love the render, but you need to work the animation


good one!

Tobias Fuhr:

great lip syncing, and crazy eyebrowns, congratulations

Reginald Crumpler:

Cannot say it any other way.


Katie Wyman:

sweet story. The lipsinc is quite good in this, but I think maybe your main character could get away with moving a little less. The kid at the end has very nice subtle movements.