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Drunken Stroke of Genius

by Nihal Rashinkar

Final Rating: 3.28. Finished 172 out of 238 entries.

412 views including the voting period.


Animator: Nihal Rashinkar

Description: Unfinished - no lipsync, crude facial expressions

Experience: 6 years

Time taken: 18 hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Austin Hambrick:

ooohhh how i wish this actually had the mouth moving. i love the movements he makes all very good.

Ben LaScala:

Good hand gestures, needs a better lip sync.

Diane Aarts:

original idea, love the missed bottle grab

Alex Sinclair:

The lack of lip-sync and colour in the background makes this feel unfinished, which is a shame since I feel that this could have been a lot more than what it is now.

E. Ault:

I like the double hand grab for the beer

Sergio Candela Ramirez:

I like when he is trying to reach the bottle..Nice movements


Drunk? I guess the morpheus could be more blushed with heavier eyes.

Jyrki Kanto:

What you've done is pretty good, but the lack of lip sync and any movement in the torso obviously leave something to be desired.

Brad Bradbury:

Morpheous has elbow controls that link to his hands.
You should change this setting to 'parent -world'. This way the elbows wont rotate with the hand rotation.
You have some weird elbow things happening in this animation. look at 55-65, 168-180.. etc

Michael Ayers Jr:

Need some lip sync on this character.