Final Rating: 2.14. Finished 227 out of 238 entries.

467 views including the voting period.


Animator: timmy campbell

Description: my second lip sync. an upset asteroid heading to earth, and a friendly planet tries to give him some friendly advise.

Experience: 1year

Time taken: 30days


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philipp seis:

you like thinking big. I like that :)

Moy Parra:

Not sure what happened lol...


Cute, I guess. Wording was weird and I didn't quite understand the point.

Diane Aarts:

make blinks at least 3 frames long, use those blinks to convey a new emotion and/or change eye direction if needed. Original idea.

Reginald Crumpler:

Interesting, but needs work.


who was that just kissed our planet?