Final Rating: 5.98. Finished 34 out of 238 entries.

795 views including the voting period.


Animator: Anoop Soman

Description: conversation between two people

Experience: Four years

Time taken: 8-9 days


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Cordelia Garcia:

weird camera change! but liked it!

Piotr Skulimowski:

Great animation, but there's sth wrong with this camera cut.

Mariana Avila:

I like the switching POV, very original

Paula Decanini:

Mouth shapes while speaking with the cigarette in the lips are good, but the cigarette needs to bounce and wobble more. The cut to the straight-on view is jarring. Keep it to one camera and frame the composition a little more interestingly.

Cory Parks:

The finger waving is a little distracting to me, he seems to do one too many times. That camera cut is a little jarring too, unnecessary. Nice animation regardless!


The hand movement was pretty distracting from the animation as a whole. He waved that cigarette a bit too much.


Good animation. I feel like it's a little bit overacted in the hand gestures. The head movement at the end on "while you're upset" feels extreme.

Amartya Mukherji:

the camera switch is jittery.

Richard Carrillo:

The camera cut feels really weird, maybe a moving camera would fit it better.
Nice animation, my only concern is that cigarrete I've seen in 7/10 entries, it's becoming really cliche and uncreative (dunno if that's a word).

Eleftherios Kokkinakis:

I love the hands movement! Good work. I would like to see some reaction from the other guy too and maybe a different camera angle or no change at all.


nice background, but I personally don't like when it moves onto the 2nd shot. I felt rather it was too sudden, and so the scene feels disconnected.