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Test amination for class

by Trevor Rodman

Final Rating: 2.28. Finished 221 out of 238 entries.

484 views including the voting period.


Animator: Trevor Rodman

Description: The final project for an intro to animation class. Still have two weeks to work on details.

Experience: This semester

Time taken: 2-3 hours


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Austin Hambrick:

rated not ready because the camera and the quality is too far and too fuzzy to make out anything to critique with any accuracy.

Paula Decanini:

Pull the camera in to frame your subject better.

Reginald Crumpler:

Decent lip sync. Just wish there was a scene to go with it.


there was a far far away tv series...wink

Leonie Isaacs:

Why is the character so far away?

Tobias Fuhr:

i didn't understand why he is so far...

David D:

The character's movements seem to be a good start but the camera is WAAAY to far away from the character. Look up the "Rule of Thirds" to help you out. I cannot offer any criticism on the lip sync because of the framed shot.


the camera frame is too small, can't see much.

Eleftherios Kokkinakis:

I think the camera was too close to your character..

Jyrki Kanto:

I'd love to have the camera closer to the guy.