Final Rating: 2.72. Finished 206 out of 238 entries.

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Animator: Thomas shirley

Description: This is about a ghost that wants a nose but he gets helped out by a friendly stranger.

Experience: i have some experience but not much

Time taken: this animation took up 3 weeks


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Sadie Buckley:

Like the ghost changing colour when he becomes happy

Austin Hambrick:

i like it the theme is nice just wish it didnt seem like it was in slow motion it is good however keep up the work.

Alex Sinclair:

Really nice idea, though the animation is quite choppy. Using lines of action should help you get a more "ghost-like" movement in the mustachioed ghost.

Cory Parks:

Cool designs!

Reginald Crumpler:

Colorful but it needs work. ; )

Nice effort. : D


wow unknown creatures, interesting

Katie Wyman:

The characters and story is cute, but your animation skills have a long way to go.
Look up some some tips on animation theory, and practice drawing more. there are plenty of tutorials and animator interviews online I think you could really benefit from watching. Find animations and animated shots you like, and ask yourself 'Why do I like this?' all the time. But above all, keep drawing. You'll only get better and better :)