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The Witch

by Karl Bernhardt, May Competition Winner!

Final Rating: 8.29. Finished 1 out of 135 entries.

0 views including the voting period.


Animator: Karl Bernhardt

Description: mermaid witch getting a new recruit

Experience: 4 yrs proffesional

Time taken: 20-30hrs


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Ayca Secil Karaca:

The two characters look very different styles but also the animation seemingly has so much effort. As an animation student I understand how much time it can take to make something. But also, why is she a sea creature but the other girl is just normal?


Some nice work here.

Andrew Marlow:

This is it, this submission wins. It feels like part of an actual TV show or movie.


Looks like we have a winner. I'm a participant too but seeing this entry , I could tell this is definitely much better than mine and certainly the best so far. You have not only animated well , but also provided a good story behind it along with vfx. Well done mate, you won this one.

Quamae Newsome:

The polish on this is insane! All the nuanced facial expressions in that first line are so well thought out!

Amelie Olima:

amazing facial expressions!