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You took me for a fool!

by Tobias Noller

Final Rating: 7.97. Finished 2 out of 218 entries.

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Animator: Tobias Noller

Description: Rendered in UE5, all post production done inside the Engine.
I used the supplied Control Rig, just with my own Meta Human. Control Rig on the face is a little bit... tricky. Control Rig workflow on the body is actually quite nice!

Experience: Some experience

Time taken: 2 weeks (on-off, on the side)


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Maya Castañeda:


Kiran Jay Babla:

Really good lipsync! The body movement felt a little light, and there are too many camera cuts in my opinion. I wish it was slower and more contained like the audio.

Justin Vu:

Strong flair in animation. Camera movement from 100-173 seems out of place with the drama; the use of cuts was stronger imo.

Rudy Gjurkovic:

Nice work. I wish we could have seen a little more facial shots as you did well on those.

Matt Eroskey:

Animation is great but the quick cuts feel a bit jarring. This can be perfect if the context calls for it but off-putting if the surrounding shots are slower. The expressions are perfect would love to have seen them in-shot more


Cinematically lovely. The character’s insecure body language throughout doesn’t entirely align with his seeming confidence at the end, though. Very smooth movement, perhaps revealing some improvements in UE5.


Oh my god this is amazin!!!


This is amazing! Very cinematic )

Aleksandr Kirichenko:

Extremely dramatic



Napat Temsittichok:

This is the best animation I've seen yet in UE


Very good! The cuts are too fast, in my opinion, and when combined with the shaky camera work made this hard to watch. The animation was probably some of the best in the competition this month, though!

Michael Moralejo:

Great animation! Fantastic body and face work. Really like ho2 you made the actor load the gun. Fantastic!


This scene lacks a bit of interaction, as we discussed previously, but the main animation is good.
Would have liked to have seen some progress posts, from initial concept, to critique earlier in the production.



Aamir Hussain:

Good job. during these words, the character lips are stopped (I spend 167 years searching for you.). I think when he says ( and now ho ho ho) you should show all his body.

David Woodard:

Fantastic everything. This felt amazing to watch. Thank you!

Aun Abbas: