Final Rating: 4.76. Finished 56 out of 218 entries.

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Animator: optinik

Description: long-awaited meeting of the couple

Experience: 1year

Time taken: 8-10 hour


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Maya Castañeda:

original !

Rahul saw:

You have to animate the character with any 3d character not by your hand.

Its not a puppet club.

No Animation.

David Shum:

This is a good joke!

Kiran Jay Babla:

Hahahah fantastic idea. Bit basic in terms of animation but you probably already knew that. It's funny. I like it.

Richard Adams:

This one's difficult to judge. It's mostly live action, which would disqualify it, except those eyes, which are 2d animated and really nicely done. Don't know whether to give this a good score or zero due to live action. I do like it. Idea works well, and it's really cute.


nice use of live action.



Michael Moralejo:

Very clever

ro crown:

two star rating from me ..some of u think u can come on this competiion and ...ohhh never mind....


Very creative idea!