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Animator: Jack Davies

Description: Technical issues- Unfinished animation version 01- facial animation development, done in free time after work, for the past 2 weeks, met a few setbacks with limited UE experience, but decided to push and test UE5 and learn as much during the process.

Experience: Uni grad of 2020 + 6 months of professional work

Time taken: 25 hours (Including unreal set up/ learning)


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Justin Vu:

I'm liking the emotional/though progression expressed. The internal thought moment at 230-266 ("And now...ho ho ho!") would probably look more threatening if he looked down instead of up. Facial expressions and speech articulation throughout can definitely be pushed more.

Rudy Gjurkovic:

Nice job on the lip work.



Oryxly Lim:

pretty good mouth animation, could do more with the head animation.

Michael Moralejo:

Good job on the facial expressions and lip sync