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Animator: Zeinab

Description: Talking to himself in the mirror

Experience: Several months

Time taken: Around 2 weeks


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Rudy Gjurkovic:

Nice job on the fluid body motion and power poses!

Ahmadreza Ebrahimi:

Nice idea and awesome performance.



Ben Zingo:

Overall nice! I'd suggest trying to limit how much direct pointing you do, some of these acting choices seem very on the nose/literal. Focusing more on general mood and emotion, will feel more natural (vs trying to literally represent every word/phrase).
Could also maybe benefit from offsetting some of the limbs, so it feels a little less directly pose-to-pose

Michael Moralejo:

Most excellent! Really nice animation work - great job!!

Jack fergusson:

You have should tried it in Enjin. You good keep going

David Woodard:

Very impressive work. I appreciate the original modeling.