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Like a Bat out of Hell

by Dmitry

Final Rating: 5.64. Finished 22 out of 218 entries.

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Animator: Dmitry

Description: Devil may cry inspired,Meta Human animation.

Experience: one year

Time taken: 15 days


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Lee Adams:

Love it

Justin Vu:

Epic use of set and character design. Love how over-the-top the overall idea is. Line delivery should probably start after the character lands. Drama in 275-end can be enhanced with improved mouth articulation (like having the lips seal at "mine") and pushed eye poses.

Tim Main:


Aleksandr Kirichenko:

Great! Gets me some Final Fantasy franchise vibes :D




Facial animation needs smoothing & not sure which Metahuman was used?
Nice camera work & overall look. I would have liked to have seen some progress posts, from initial concept, to critique earlier in the production.


good one

Aamir Hussain:

Nice work

Michael Moralejo:

Amazing!!!! This animation is absolutely fantastic!!! The cinematics are unbelievable! And the animation is perfect! Congratulations - this is great work!