Final Rating: 3.29. Finished 164 out of 218 entries.

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Animator: cali martin

Description: a very rushed attempt at being funny

Experience: about a year

Time taken: a few days


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Ben Zingo:

some more animation of the character would be nice to see, but some of the drawings/inbetween frames look nice!

ro crown:

Hope to see you put in the time needed to do more inbetweens for upcoming i like the character in the last frame that u drawn....just try to parcel out more time within the entire month...perhaps just one hour to animating and then see your score rise is what i humbly suggest, if you have the story telling passion, which i think you do!
so four stars from me and keep practising please, please, please and thanks for submitting this one!

Michael Moralejo:

Good effort. Like the storyline!

Lucas Prieto:


sarah h: