Final Rating: 4.65. Finished 68 out of 218 entries.

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Animator: Dillon Brannick

Description: you should never get too close when monologing. I wanted to finish another pass on this before the submission time, but alas it was not to be.

Experience: who knows

Time taken: 30 hours


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Justin Vu:

Good use of staging to build drama. Nice twist at the end. Flick with the knife at 136 was a good character moment.

Rudy Gjurkovic:

Nice fluid motion of the main character. Nice camera reveal!



ro crown:

Not bad, so why is the lip sync bad on the 'ho..ho..ho...' part...that is what we are expecting to be the best part of this will you handle that part of the audio...and you come at us with this like a flat head rise to emhiase that part of the audio...why cheat us is what i ask????...and why does he drop down to the ground at the end....did u get tired of drawing and just said forget this i am done????????????...make sure all your characters make a stand as it were...and make a statement in the body language that sez...HEY I AM HERE...DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!! what i humbly suggest to u inna next entry from u...and yes i like the char's , as they make sense of an big vs. small and weak tied up character...
so just a so-so 5 stars from me, for the right reasons, and hope to see more from u inna future competitons, please and thanks for entering this one!

Michael Moralejo:

Good stuff!