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meeting lawyer for divorce

by Lalit

Final Rating: 7.04. Finished 8 out of 201 entries.

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Animator: Lalit

Description: girl who is unhappy from her marriage finally decides to take divorce. she explain her lawyer why the marriage is not working and she wants divorce

Experience: 1 year

Time taken: 20 days


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Kathryn Ross:

I love the way she says "let me know if it ever happens again". The head gesture is spot on.

Jonathan Fontaine:

good story,, good animation, i wish the advocate's hair would drag a bit, it would support her nice acting and add some fluidity to a solid foundation !
Also on 175, when she put her elbow on the armchair, you could have pushed her overall body down and elbow up, to give her more weight

Ashley Lieberg:

This is fantastically smooth, and very well acted.

Adam O:

I really love the expressions captured on the first person especially, so nice! Like aggressive but also slightly unsure of herself.

Jamie F: