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Animator: Ashley Lieberg

Description: A cat apologizes to the spirit haunting the pages of an old book in an ancient tower.

Experience: None professionally (yet)

Time taken: ~2.5 weeks in my spare time


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Jessica Castillo:

Maybe change the staging up so the cat's head isn't in front of the wall behind it. It makes it very hard to see the cat's silhouette and expressions. Otherwise looks nice!

Jonathan Fontaine:

Cute !
Good staging and clear acting, would benefit from a bit more solid drawings

Aaron Clement:

Lovely subtle acting.

Ying Herng Chia:

Maybe I'm slow, but I would've loved to know the motivation behind the staging you chose.
Is the ghost one of the cat's nine lives? Why is the ghost attached to a book?

Adam O:

I appreciate the ears and eyes, and actually both the expressions. It communicates well and is believable.