Final Rating: 6.77. Finished 10 out of 201 entries.

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Animator: Lina Ramirez

Description: I entered this month's competition quite late but didn't want to miss the chance to practice a bit of facial animation, here's a quick pass, two days of work in total. Thank you for your comments, looking forward to it.

Experience: 10 years

Time taken: 2 days


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Aaron Clement:

Great lip sync man. One of the better ones for sure. It would have been nice to see the other character at the start

Jonathan Fontaine:

nice close up, overall pretty good, i am not sure about the neck roll from 220 to 235


Great face work but I would love to see the story behind the clip and what the "interesting" thing is.

Paul Essenhigh:


Richard Adams:

Wow. Superb facial expressiveness, excellent lip syncing and upper body mechanics. Top Ten entry, maybe Top Five. (best 3d CG entry I've seen so far this month).


Amazing expressions !

Jenn Byrd:

One of the better facial animations I've seen so far!

Adam O:

Love the expression, kind of sarcastic/snarky but varies enough not to be one note. That said, I feel if the nose were moving more than just staying in that one to-the-side position, it would help even more with building on those expressions. Really like it though! Looks like a demo reel example.

Jamie F:

Nice subtleties, and asymmetry in the face. You could sell the lip sync a little more by animating the tongue where appropriate