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The mystery and the Princess

by Harmony

Final Rating: 6.22. Finished 16 out of 201 entries.

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Animator: Harmony

Description: In this

Experience: self-taught for 5 years

Time taken: about a week


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Ashley Lieberg:

This is great! The character acting, the lips, even the changes of camera. I love this. I can tell you worked hard on it.

Hadas Rosen:

Great staging! I think the acting could be a bit less stiff, having some big movements pop on the accents and adding a bit of squash and stretch would punch this up, as well as adding some eyebrow movement to aid that.

Richard Adams:

Not great, but quite good. A great deal better animated than the vast majority of 2d entries this month. Movements could use a bit more fluidity, as it's a bit rough. Love your idea on this one.

Rodrigo Wenceslau:


Aaron Clement:

Love it.

Jaime Santana:

I think the half step could use some work. As well as the flying of the fairy. But body movements and lip syncs are great.

Caitlin Carpenter:

I like the colors you used, they are very nice and calming.