Final Rating: 6.60. Finished 10 out of 102 entries.

3,911 views including the voting period.


Animator: Ahmet Berk Tugrul

Description: The devil wants to rule the world but the other side of him doesn't know how to do that!

Experience: I've been studying animation since 2013.

Time taken: about 20 days


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Milo Z:

Interesting concept, nice work!

Lydia H:

Really good key poses and concept but feels like its missing a few key areas to emphasis the words and convey more meaning.

Kathryn Ross:

I really like the character design. The first character freezes when his back is turned, and the arm movement doesn't seem to belong to the second character.

Dave Roddick:

Neat character.

Shreyas Dutta:


Anuj Sharma:

found my winner... :) Great Work...


Idea is Not bad

Daan Mac Gillavry:

Very creative and love that its 2d

Julia Allen:

SO ORIGINAL!! I LOVE IT!! you really did a good job on motion and character originality and depiction of the different characters!

Zafer Suntay:

awesome dude