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Baby, Let's Take Over The Earth

by Elyse Gymer

Final Rating: 7.47. Finished 3 out of 102 entries.

268,677 views including the voting period.


Animator: Elyse Gymer

Description: Genius IQ baby is being taught the solar system and interviewed for a documentary.

Experience: 4 years in games industry

Time taken: 40 Hours, mostly over 3 weekends.


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Herr Pink:

really fun idea

Alan Leppen:

Pretty good, but when the baby starts levitating, it would been great if you add some levitation sound effect at the end.

Petr J.:

Nice work. On frame 92 there is too big eye movement (could be done from two movements/eye jumps) and then quickly back again. I like the165 gesture but to me it seems somehow a bit short, quick or inappropriate. the camera movement is great :)

Myrel Talbaje: