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Earth Ambitions


Final Rating: 6.07. Finished 22 out of 102 entries.

527 views including the voting period.



Description: A presentation about a guy who wants to take over Earth.

Experience: 2 years, recently graduated

Time taken: 2 weeks


(Commenting only available during the rating period)

Kathryn Ross:

The Lipsync is strong. the content is interesting. Very well done

Brian Duffy:

nice idea with the pause

Dave Roddick:

The freeze frame is funny.

Petr J.:

The tongue on frame 20 is maybe too outside. Nice animation.

Nicholas Hausmann:

Humorous scenario! Nice lip sync. Great job!


Pefect lipsync!!


It has fluid animations, but the acting doesn't fit the dialect of the character

Daan Mac Gillavry:

2nd guy little overanimated