Final Rating: 5.88. Finished 20 out of 185 entries.

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Animator: Emre Can üçbaş

Description: A character which is my favorite on SPA talks about him previous job. Hope he will be happy on him new job as a postman. Enjoy.

Experience: 9

Time taken: 3 weeks


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Fabrizzio Bartolini:

Good Job, but why four fingers

Richard Adams:

I think this would be stronger if the wiping-in-mid-air at the beginning and the envelope-joy-reaction at the end were edited out, because neither really makes sense or has anything to do with the audio.

Craig Portnoy:

Is that Klaus's twin brother!?!?!


it's really good, go easy on the hand gestures though :)

Aaron McGriff:

Yay Klaus!

Ruth Agada:

Love it. Can't wait to see the polished version. Great job