Final Rating: 5.99. Finished 17 out of 185 entries.

697 views including the voting period.


Animator: Richard Sirois

Description: He hates canned food and wants to bake. His psychologists asks why.

Experience: 9 years in video games, 3 years in Animation studio

Time taken: 2 days.


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Jason Weilee:

Great job with the smooth animation. However, the expressions don't seem to match the dialogue.

Andres Gomji:

Is that 3d with toon shading or 2d? It's great!

Richard Sirois:

I realized I could have added a lot more appeal to the eyes and eye motions. But hey, first foray to the 11 seconds! This was all done in ToonBoom Harmony

Lucky Brown:

NICE! haha looking good. Still can improve on the poses, stronger poses.

Poh hui:

this is a kid, not middle aged man.
But I love your character design!

Jacinta Joe:

I like the head shake at "me neither".

Stas Leschenko:

Good drawing!

Ruben Uggla:

I like your design, the animation is pretty good. The mouth movement could use some work, most of them look the same and it feels like he never closes his mouth.
Still pretty good.

Margo Pierce:

nice eye dart. I love in the beginning how he breathes in before he speaks. thats pretty awesome. Im not completely sold on the acting on "cuz im dying in that candy factory" only because i feel like his eyes should do more than look to the right of screen, maybe even if they darted down a little wile taking it can keep a little more interest. but all the acting after that is awesome! he looks around, blinks, breathes and does that "crushing" movement with his hand. I do like the subtle acting before the major acting movements, i just think the subtle section should have a tiiiny bit more hints of movement in them. but thats okay because thats a totally easy fix. and the end is awesome too. the hair flip is a tiny bit distracting and the light in the background creates a tanget with the top of his head, but other than that this is really good. I hope this one wins!

Ethan Stanley:

This is so cute! I might add a bit of secondary animating, like he pushes his glasses up a bit, but all in all this is such a charming animation!